Below are some resources with additional information about New York State Society officers and regiments of the Revolutionary War as well as the General Society of the Cincinnati.

History of the New York Officers and Regiments of the American Revolution

Sypher, Francis J. Jr. New York State Society of the Cincinnati, Biographies of Original Members and Other Continental Officers. Fishkill, New York: New York State Society of the Cincinnati, 2004.

New York State Society of the Cincinnati, Histories of New York Regiments of the Continental Army. Fishkill, New York: New York State Society of the Cincinnati, 2008

The Institution of the Cincinnati, Fishkill, New York: New York State Society of the Cincinnati, 2014.

Bleeker, Leonard

The Order book of Capt. Leonard Bleeker, Major of Brigade in the early part of the expedition under Gen. James Clinton, against the Indian Settlements of Western New York, in the Campaign of 1779. New York: Joseph Sabin, 84 Nassau Street. 1865. This account was written by Capt. Bleeker of the 3rd New York Regiment when they participated in the Sullivan expedition in 1779.

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Gardiner, Asa Bird

New York Continental Line of the Army of the Revolution. Magazine of American History, Vol. 7, No. 6, December 1881. Pgs. 401-419. Gardiner talks about activities of all five of the New York Continental Regiments.

Hardenbergh, John L.

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Leake, Isaac Q.

Memoir of the Life and Times of General John Lamb. Albany, N.Y.: Joel Munsell, 1857. General Lamb led the Second Continental Artillery Regiment

Leggett, Abraham

Narrative of Major Abraham Leggett, of the Army of the Revolution. Edited by Charles I. Bushnell (NY: Privately Printed, 1865). Major Leggett was a member of the 5th New York Regiment. He describes his activities during the war include his time as a prisoner of war.

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Tallmadge, Samuel and others

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Von Steuben, F.W.

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Willett, Marinus

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New York Officers in the Continental Army

Campbell, William W.

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History of the Society of the Cincinnati

Myers, Minor Jr.

Liberty without Anarchy, A History of the Society of the Cincinnati. Charlottesville and London: University of Virginia Press, 1983.

Schuyler, John

Institution of the Society of the Cincinnati, Formed by the Officers of the American Army of the Revolution , 1783, with Extracts, from the Proceedings of its General Meetings and from the Transactions of the New York State Society. New York, NY, 1886. Revised edition published at Chelsea, Mich.: New York State Society of the Cincinnati, 1998. With biographies of 234 original members of the New York State Society of the Cincinnati, with 32 portraits (biographies and other figures).

Elliott. J.M.

The Institution of the Society of the Cincinnati formed by the Officers of the American Army, May 1783. J.M. Elliott, Printer, 133 Water Street, N. York. 1851


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