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The NYSSC launched this website on October 28, 2014. Several of the images included in this website were "reproduced by permission of The Society of the Cincinnati, Washington, D.C." Included in these images are:

(1) 369.131 I59ny 1784NY Institution Knox owned title page.jpg
(2) P&E L2003D246m Alexander McDougall 1st Pres. NY Society.jpg
(3) P&E L2003B322m Maj. Gen. Steuben small.jpg
(4) P&E 2005D10 [framed] George Clinton 1st VP NY Soc.jpg
(5) MAP L2012F23 Plan of the position which the army under Lt….jpg
(6) MAP L2012F52 Attaque de l’armee des provinciaux large.jpg
(7) P&E L2001F270f [framed] Representation du feu terrible a ...jpg
(8) P&E L1982.1.682.1 Sarratoga le 17 octobre 1777 large.jpg
(9) P&E L2000F671m C.F. Comte de Rochambeau large.jpg
(10) P&E L1964.1067.1 [framed] Conclusion de la compagne de 17 ...jpg
(11) P&E L1955.532 [framed] Louis XVI, roi des francais …jpg

The portrait of Richard Varick is presented in this website with the permission of by the Albany Institute of History and Art. Additionally many of the photographs used on the website were provided with the permission of Mr. Peter Van Demark, member of the NYSSC.