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Interested in becoming a member of the New York Society of the Cincinnati? The Society of the Cincinnati is the oldest hereditary organization in the United States. The organization was set up with a Constituent State Society in the each of the thirteen states and France. Founded in 1783 the New York State Society has over 200 members. There are still 200 more officers that were eligible but did not join. Those officers are listed on our website under the MEMBERSHIP Tab as OFFICERS NEVER REPRESENTED. Take a look and see if you can find a relative there. Also, there have been officers represented but through deaths in their families are not currently represented. These officers NOT CURRENTLY REPRESENTED are listed below and perhaps a relative of yours may be found here:

  • 1st Lt. David van Horne ( 1st NY Regt.) – (1755-1801). Married Sarah Coventry Miller. One child.
  • 2nd Lt. Robert Burnet (2nd Continental Artillery) – (1762-1854). Married Rachel De Witt. Had children
  • 2nd Lt. William Walton Morris (2nd NY Regt.) – (1760-1832). Married Sarah Carpenter. Many children
  • Capt. James Stewart (5th NY Regt.) – (abt. 1752-1800). Married Mary Rowe. Had children.
  • Capt. John Stotesbury (6th PA Regt.) – (abt. 1750-abt.1837). Married Louisa Madden. Had children.
  • 1st Lt. Walter Bicker (3rd PA Regt.)- (1747-1821). Married Wilhelmina Mary Welp. Had child.
  • Ensign John Fondey (1st NT Regt.) – (abt.1761-1814). Married Cornelia Hun. Several children.
  • Surg. Gen. Charles McNight (Hospital Dept.) (1750-1791). Married Mary Morin Scott. Six children.
  • Capt. Charles Graham (2nd NY Regt.) (d.1838) unmarried but brother of John Graham (1751-1832)
  • Ens. John W. Greaton (3rd MA. Regt.) (1762-1815). Unmarried but brother of James Greaton Jr.
  • Capt. Elihu Marshall (2nd NY Regt.) (1750-1806). Married Susan Brown. Several children
  • Capt. Joseph Hardy (Continental Marines) d.bef. 1820) Married. Succeeded by son Joseph L.C. Hardy
  • ADC Ranald Stephen MacDougall (ADC Alexander MacDougall)
  • Capt. James Miles Hughes (ADC Horatio Gates) (1756-1802) Married Maria Bailey. Several children.
  • Capt. John C. Ten Broeck (1st NY Regt.) (1755-1835) Married Antje Ten Broeck. Several children
  • Lt. Garrett Lansing (3rd NY Regt.) (1760-1831) Married Maria Anthill. Several children
  • Capt. Antoine Paulient (2nd Canadian Regt.) (1737-1813) Married Theotiste. Several children
  • Ensign Jedediah Waterman (8th MA Regt.) (1760-1825) Married (1) Johanna Van Zandt then (2) Elizabeth Plummer. Six children.
  • Ensign Robert Provost (2nd NY Regt.) (1737-1796) Married Phebe Plume. Several children.
  • 1st Lt. William Scudder (4th NY Regt.) (1747- 1799) Married (1) Mary Torf (2) Sarah Kip. Children by
  • 2nd Lt. John Shaw (2nd NY Artillery) (1760-1826). Married Isabella Denniston. Several children.
  • Capt. Theodosius Fowler (4th NY Regt.) (1753-1841). Married Mary Steele. Two children.
  • Lt. Paymaster Ebenezer Storer (12 MA Regt.) (1758-1846). Married (1) Eunice Titcomb (2) Catherine Stephenson. Children by both marriages.
  • Capt. Lt. Peter Taulman (Sappers & Miners)(abt.1757-1835). Married Mary Neale. Eight children.
  • Lt. Adj. John Leonard Hardenbergh (2nd NY Regt.)(1748-1806). Married (1) Mary Bevier (2) Martha Brinkerhoff. Several children
  • Maj. Samuel Logan (5th NY Regt) (abt 1744- 1825). Married Abigail Clarke. Had children
  • Maj. Joseph McCracken (4th NY regt.) (abt. 1737-1825). Married Sarah Turner. Many Children

    If one of the officers above is a relative and you have interest in becoming a member of the New York Society of the Cincinnati, please send an email expressing your interest to the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of this page.

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